How to Change App Title Bar Colors in Windows 10

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Step 1: Copy ‘Aero’ Folder

Start by navigating to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes, then copy and paste the “aero” folder to the same directory. Note that you’ll see a dialog box stating that you need proper access to copy over the MSS files. When you see this, select “Do this for all current items” and choose the Skip option.

Once the pasting is complete, you’ll be left with a new folder call “aero – Copy.”

Step 2: Rename Folder & Files

Now rename the “aero – Copy” folder to “windows,” then rename the “aero.msstyles” file to “windows.msstyles.”

Now jump inside the “en-US” folder and rename the “aero.msstyles.mui” file to “windows.msstyles.mui.”

Step 3: Edit Theme File

Now go back to the main Themes folder (the folder we started with) and copy the “aero.theme” file to your Desktop, then rename it to “windows.theme” and open it with Notepad.

In Notepad, scroll down to the “VisualStyles” section, then replace this entry:


With this:


Now save and exit Notepad.

Step 4: Rejoice in the Glory of Colored Titlebars

The last thing to do is double-click the “windows.theme” file on your Desktop and watch the magic happen.

And that’s it. The color that shows will be whichever you set in the Personalization settings